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Yoga Breathing

Yoga breathing is a safe and fast way to relieve stress, boost digestion, balance your energy, and improve sleep. Yoga breathing is very accessible, and you’ll feel results right from your first session.

Breathing techniques can be easily integrated in daily life and carry you though almost all different challenges you'd want to imagine.

No experience of any kind is needed. And you carry your breath with you wherever you go. I take a very simple, science-based approach that is effective for everyone. 

I offer a free discovery session if you think breathing exercises and breathing focus might be helpful in your life as it is right now. The discovery session is 30 minutes, and we can meet either in your home or office, I have certain appointments available in Anières, or we could as well meet via video call. I’ll share with you the basic principle of the practice, we’ll do some foundation exercises together, you'll see how you feel and we plan how to best continue together.

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