Treat yourself to a wonderful classic full body relaxing massage, based on the "Swedish" massage techniques, to facilitate relief of muscle tension, and to relax and energise.

The increase of body temperature created as a result of the different techniques, leads to smoother skin, an improved metabolism and the restoration of efficient body functioning.

a few of the benefits could be:

  • improved skin elasticity

  • circulation and immunity

  • improved muscle suppleness

  • a more balanced nervous system

  • relief from insomnia

  • lower high blood pressure

  • greater energy, because less energy is used holding unnecessary tensions

Some illnesses or conditions would contradict receiving a relaxing full body massage, or seek approval from your doctor. Everything will be discussed, explained, and agreed before treatment begins. On request we could as well focus on specific areas only.

Massages are available on Mondays and Wednesday in Anières.

I was blessed with a relaxing massage from Dominika. don't miss this opportunity to experience deep relaxation and her embodied gentleness.