open 60min classes

Tuesdays 9am (English)

chaque mercredi 19h (français)

40, Chemin de Mancy, Vesenaz

espace Kalapa


chaque mardi 19h (frainçais)

chaque jeudi 14.30h (postnatal avec bébé)

10 Chemin des Sports, 1203 Genève

au fil des sens





monthly online class

via zoom


live classes online

@insight timer

private sessions
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3 hours of pure bliss. Dominika guided us , with her usual kindness and authenticity , through 3 hours of mindful movement , different breathing techniques  and deep self reflection . I left grateful, energised and inspired .


great experience

wonderful group not too big

time flew by 

came out with wings and a lot of new energy


highly recommend to meet your inner self