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private/semi-private Yoga

Yoga sessions tailored to your personal needs

reasons you might want to consider booking an individual class:
  • specific goal
    say you want to work on mastering a specific posture
    or establish a yoga home routine you could do on your own - we'll figure out how to get there together!
  • benefit healing support
    say you are going through physical or mental challenging times of different sorts - we'll find the practices to help your healing journey!
  • posture/alignment check
    say you'd like more hands-on adjustments, just because or to feel more secure in an open class or when practicing on your own - we'll take a closer look on alignment and you'll start to quickly self-adjust by just the touch of a finger!
  • starting your yoga journey
    say you've never been to a yoga class but hear and see it all around, people might suggest you try or come along but you don't feel too comfortable just going to an open class or don't even know with what, how and where to get started - we'll prep you to see clearly what could be for you, comfortable to join and try any class you like!
I offer you a free 30min zoom call to find out what could be the best fit for you!
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